The Carnival of the Animals

“Humankind suffocates whales with plastic bags and turns coral reefs into dumps. If the ocean was an aquarium, we might clean it. Without blue, there is no green. Without water, no life.”

The Carnival of the Animals paints a stirring picture of modern man’s relationship with nature and animals. Realised in co-operation with Greenpeace and voice artist Mirjami Heikkinen, the show places the beloved fantasy suite composed by Camille Saint-Saëns in the 19th century into a new context.

The work combines music interpreted by Pekka Kuusisto and other front-row performers with video and text material portraying the destruction brought about by man to create a provocative dialogue.Originally a humorous animal composition for the whole family, the piece takes on a new form in the 21st century, which is not suitable for children or the faint-hearted.

The work premiered at the 2018 Our Festival and now returns renewed to Helsinki Festival.

Voice artist: Mirjami Heikkinen
Musicians: Markus Hohti, Emil Holmström, Atte Kilpeläinen, Kari Kriikku, Pekka Kuusisto, Eriikka Maalismaa, Heikki Parviainen, Heljä Räty, Kati Salovaara and Mirka Viitala.
Texts: Greenpeace & Laura Gustafsson

The Carnival of the Animals – side programme:
Outi Tarkiainen: Soai Vácciiga Buohtalaga (They walked side-by-side)
violin and soprano (Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano and Pekka Kuusisto, violin) 7′
Riikka Talvitie: Luonnonoikku (Caprice of Nature)
violin and live-electronics (Eriikka Maalismaa, violin) 10′
Missy Mazzoli: Dissolve, O my heart
solo violin (Pekka Kuusisto, violin) 7’
The Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A


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