R. Schumann: Scenes from Goethe’s Faust

Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hannu Lintu & Jussi Nikkilä

Schumann’s rarely-performed grand work receives a modern interpretation at Helsinki Festival, combining music, performing arts and strong visual aspects.

The tale of Faust, who sold his soul to the Devil, is one of the most iconic in our cultural heritage and has been adapted countless times. Inspired by Schumann’s music, Jussi Nikkilä’s stage realisation intertwines the dramatic oratorio with scenes of Faust returning to turning points in his life.

Based on Goethe’s play, the composition created for a symphony orchestra, two choirs and vocal soloists ranges from grandiose horror opera to lied-like intimacy. The three-part work will feature top opera performers as vocal soloists. The characters they interpret will be multiplied on stage by eight actors.

The work is realised as a joint production of the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle and the Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu.

Doors 6.30 pm. Entrance through Cable Factory’s courtyard, door M4.

Radio Symphony Orchestra
Hannu Lintu, conductor

Vocal soloists:
Gretchen, Una poenitentium: Soile Isokoski, soprano
Faust, Doctor Marianus: Arttu Kataja, bariton
Mephistopheles, Böser Geist, Pater Profundus: Markus Suihkonen, bass
Ariel, Pater Ecstaticus: Maximilian Schmitt, tenori (Tuomas Katajala on 23.8. concert)
Sorge, Magna Peccatrix: Helena Juntunen, soprano
Schuld, Maria Aegyptiaca, Mater gloriosa: Annastiina Tahkola, mezzosoprano
Not, Mulier Samaritana: Virva Puumala, soprano
Mangel, Martha: Irina Nuutinen, mezzosoprano
Pater Seraphicus: Aarne Pelkonen, bariton
Niall Chorell, tenor

Faust: Hannu Kivioja
Mephistopheles: Sanna-Kaisa Palo
Gretchen, Una Poenitentium, Mangel, Keiju/Fairy: Alise Polacenko
Nuori Faust/Young Faust, Keiju/Fairy: Tom Rejström
Mater Gloriosa, Gretchenin äiti/ Gretchen’s mother, Faustin äiti/Faust’s mother: Saara Pakkasvirta
Ariel, Schuld, Lemuuri/Lemur: Miro Lopperi
Martha, Sorge, Keiju/Fairy, Lemuuri/Lemur: Santra Juoperi
Not, Gretchenin veli Valentin/ Gretchen’s brother Valentin, Keiju/Fairy, Lemuuri/Lemur: Sonja Salminen
Faust lapsena/Faust as a child: Emil Jalagin
Faustin ja Gretchenin tytär/Faust and Gretchen’s daughter: Saga Björkvinsdóttir

Choirs: Tapiola Chamber Choir, Emo Ensemble & Cantores Minores
Choirs coached by: Hannu Norjanen, Pasi Hyökki
Director: Jussi Nikkilä
Choreographer: Ingrid André
Cinematography: Raimo Uunila
Set design: Tapio Keskitalo
Lighting design: Pietu Pietiäinen
Costume design: Niina Pasanen
Makeup: Päivi Kela
Production: Helsinki Festival, Yle Draama, Yle Design, Radio Symphony Orchestra

The work is in German with Finnish subtitles.


Tallberginkatu 1

Duration approx. 2 h 30 min, including intermission.
Tickets incl. handling fees starting from 43–89 €
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Thu 22.8.  19.00
Fri 23.8.  19.00

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