Robot Choir

The traditional Tour of Choirs jumpstarts the Night of the Arts, Art goes Kapakka and Helsinki Festival on 15 August! As a gift on the 25th anniversary of Art goes Kapakka, we bring out the unique Robot Choir to set the mood and warm up the thousand-strong human choir at Senate Square.

The Robot Choir consists of tens of different speakers – from tiny tweeters to massive subwoofers. Before the show, people will teach the Artificial Intelligence how humans sing. Learning from humans, the Robot Choir can extend the choir sound to new dimensions that are impossible for the human voice. Welcome to Senate Square to witness the premiere of the Robot Choir and the opening celebration of the Tour of Choirs!

The work is realised by sound artist Tytti Arola in co-operation with Samuel Diggins and Tero Parviainen of the Counterpoint studio.

Teach the Robot Choir to sing:

Please note that the Robot Choir and Tour of Choirs cause traffic arrangements. Please check HSL for more information.


4–7 pm
Conduct the Robot Choir
6:30 pm

Tour of Choirs gathering at the church stairs

7 pm

Assemble by Tytti Arola sang by Robot Choir and Tour of Choirs

7:05–7:30 pm
Tour of Choirs sing together Finlandia by Jean Sibelius
Senate Square
Senate Square
Thu 15.8.  16.00